Alphanumeric signature

Alphanumeric signature

Example of sending message with alphanumeric signature.

Normal message received from the SMSC as originator usually shows a GSM Short Code, most commonly a 4 or 5 digit number, which is a number of the account bound with client connection. Instead a up to 11 alphanumeric characters ca be used to mark message originator.

Alphanumeric signature can only be submitted if the SMSC is configured to allow it.

To send message with alphanumeric signature TON value of the Originator parameter has to be set to 5 and the NPI parameter has to be set to 0:

// [...]

result = clientSMPP.smppSubmitMessage("48999123456", 1, 1,
  "smsc-client", 5, 0, "Hello World from SMSC Client Library!",
  EncodingEnum.et7BitText, "", options,

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