Server Library

Change Log

Changes by release

7.0.100  (8383e3a) released on 7 April 2018

New features

smppSendDeliverData method added to encode & deliver data message to the client (data_sm). [#1226, customer request]

ClientID added to OnSmppTraceProtocol event parameters. [#1228, customer request]

7.0.84  (f75e823) released on 17 October 2017

New features

Added decoding of protocol_id in OnSmppSubmitMessageReceived. [#1220, customer request]

TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 added to list of SSL/TLS protocols serviced (.NET Framework 4.5+). [#1211, customer request]

Ability to narrow the set of allowed protocols used in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) negotiations. [#1214, customer request]

Toolbox icons installation for Visual Studio 2015.

Important security update. [#1172]

Ability to narrow the set of allowed protocols used in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) negotiations. [#1175, customer request]


Originator not included if empty in submit message operation in CIMD2 protocol. [#1197]

Fixed issues

Unhandled exception when tcpCloseConnection immediately after smppSendLoginResponse. [#1223]

Regression in KeepAliveInterval implementation fixed.

Small regression in SSL/TLS implementation fixed.

ExtendedParameters not passed correctly from OnSmppLoginReceived. [#1187]

Fixed serious performance regression introduced with TLS/SSL security. [#1184]

7.0.40  (8e88710) released on 12 January 2016

New features

Statistics for measuring client/server performance added to log window of compiled demo applications that install with the library. [#1135]

SSL/TLS connection security implementation straight in the library. [#1115, customer request]

More flexible one byte character encoding mechanism in SMPP protocol allowing cooperation with clients which support non-standard and legacy encoding standards (IA5, ISO 8859-1, HP Roman8 etc.) [#1118, customer request]


Minor tweaks in compiled demo applications.

Fixed issues

Minor fix in installation scripts.

Problem with multi-threading in calls to response functions. [#1121]

Time difference to UTC sometimes calculated incorrectly in SMPP Absolute Delivery Time and Validity Period. [#1103]

6.0.100  (e9ce130) released on 20 March 2015

New features

Added C# and Visual Basic .NET source code examples for an Windows Service class application.

Added encoding and decoding of ussd_service_op and its_session_info TLVs (SMPP optional parameters) used in USSD mode of operation through ExtendedParameters methodology. [#1054]

Fixed issues

ISO encodings (ISO-8859-[1, 5, 8]) determined incorrectly for some messages. [#1076]

Compiler Generated code in CLR4 creates bad type names in TLB import. [#1065]

6.0.68  (3bd3365) released on 16 January 2015

New features

Documentation extended with Character Sets, Tracing Communication (Wireshark messaging protocols tracing & debugging guide), Silent Message (SMS0) chapters and other minor tweaks.

6.0.64  (e50d71d) released on 19 December 2014

New features

Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 toolbox icon installation.

Every bit of every single message, both inbound and outbound can now be modified inside TraceProtocol callback. This allows for subtle modifications like e.g. change of sequence_number for all incoming/outgoing messages. [#1013]

Explicit support for Common Language Runtime (CLR) versions 2.0 and 4.0 (separate selectable binaries plus detection of installed framework at the time of the setup).

Submit to Multiple Destinations (submit_multi) in SMPP protocol added. [#856]

ExtendedParameters exposed in demo application interface. [#804]


All relative times (Delivery Time and Validity Period) are now calculated relative from 2000-01-01 00:00:00. [#174]

Flags smpp.ascii-frontend and smpp.7bit-encoding separated for better control on decoding for some specific clients. [#936]

AddressRange is now passed through ExtendedParameters of OnSmppLoginReceived. [#885]

soReplaceIfPresent (SubmitOption) flag moved to ExtendedParameters for better clarity. [#869]

Fixed issues

ThrottleRate behavior corrected in SMPP protocol. [#1019]

Out of bound data in CIMD2 should be ignored. [#986]

CIMD2 special characters encoding/decoding fails. [#993]

Text of message with ISO encoding (ISO-8859-[1, 5, 8]) not decoded properly. [#862]

Wrong encoding of MessageState parameter in smppSendDeliverStatusReport. [#843]

5.0.87  (5f21592) released on 26 June 2012

Fixed issues

Some compilers crashed after COM interfaces for exposing events changed from IDispatch to dual. IUnknown interface added in code works properly. [#697]

5.0.80  (c70142c) released on 11 June 2012

Fixed issues

COM event interfaces changed from IDispatch only to dual. [#661]

5.0.78  (3f45522) released on 18 May 2012

Initial release of SMSC server .NET components.