Client Library

Licensing & Purchase

Outline of License Conditions

All of the licences listed below are unlimited in time in any way - once purchased and deployed the library will never cease to function nor change it's parameters.

Furthermore each licence has:

  • Unlimited number of connections, providers, configurations etc.
  • Is not limited in any other way like throughput, number of messages etc.
  • Includes one year of free technical support & upgrades.

Complete, most up-to-date text of the license is available in license.txt file in the installation package of the library.

Regular License

The basic license (referred to as regular) is "one development/one deployment" license which means that the component can be installed on a developer's machine during the development process and then later on it can be transferred with the application to the production environment.

CLIENT library, REGULAR license
SMPP protocol (ref. 44200300) 300 € PayPal
UCP protocol (ref. 44200301) 300 € PayPal
CIMD2 protocol (ref. 44200302) 300 € PayPal
SEMA protocol (ref. 44200303) 300 € PayPal
ALL protocols (ref. 44200390) 650 € PayPal

Multi Instance & Cloud License

Second licensing scheme (referred to as multi-instance) is intended for installing in multiple instances of the components along with application created.

SMPP protocol (ref. no. 44201510) 550 € PayPal
UCP protocol (ref. no. 44201511) 550 € PayPal
CIMD2 protocol (ref. no. 44201512) 550 € PayPal
SEMA protocol (ref. no. 44201513) 550 € PayPal
ALL protocols (ref. no. 44201591) 1150 € PayPal

Redistribution License

Second licensing scheme (referred to as redistribution) is intended for redistribution of the components along with application created by licensee.

SMPP protocol (ref. no. 44201000) 1050 € PayPal
UCP protocol (ref. no. 44201001) 1050 € PayPal
CIMD2 protocol (ref. no. 44201002) 1050 € PayPal
SEMA protocol (ref. no. 44201003) 1050 € PayPal
ALL protocols (ref. no. 44201090) 2400 € PayPal

Combined License

If the desired license combination of protocols and/or products is not listed above please contact us to find out the discount from list price.

Purchase Order

Another way to buy our products is to place a formal Purchase Order. In response we issue a Pro-Forma Invoice which will be then used to start a Bank/Wire Transfer. To proceed with purchase this way please contact us to arrange details.


For every purchase either online or via purchase order we issue an invoice whenever required. We are EU registered VAT liable company so we are capable of issuing a invoice entitling for VAT deduction (where applicable). To have either a Pro-Forma or regular Invoice issued please contact us.