CIMD2 Error Codes

Error Code

CIMD2 parameters - Error codes as defined in [CIMD] (7.3).

Value Description
0 No error
1 Unexpected operation
2 Syntax error
3 Unsupported parameter error
4 Connection to MC lost
5 No response from MC
6 General system error
7 Cannot find information
8 Parameter formatting error
9 Requested operation failed
LOGIN error codes
100 Invalid login
101 Incorrect access type
102 Too many users with this login ID
103 Login refused by MC
104 Invalid window size
105 Windowing disabled
106 Virtual SMS Centre-based barring
107 Invalid subaddr
108 Alias account, login refused
SUBMIT MESSAGE error codes
300 Incorrect destination address
301 Incorrect number of destination addresses
302 Syntax error in user data parameter
303 Incorrect bin/head/normal user data parameter combination
304 Incorrect dcs parameter usage
305 Incorrect validity period parameters usage
306 Incorrect originator address usage
307 Incorrect PID parameter usage
308 Incorrect first delivery parameter usage
309 Incorrect reply path usage
310 Incorrect status report request parameter usage
311 Incorrect cancel enabled parameter usage
312 Incorrect priority parameter usage
313 Incorrect tariff class parameter usage
314 Incorrect service description parameter usage
315 Incorrect transport type parameter usage
316 Incorrect message type parameter usage
318 Incorrect MMs parameter usage
319 Incorrect operation timer parameter usage
320 Incorrect dialogue ID parameter usage
321 Incorrect alpha originator address usage
322 Invalid data for alpha numeric originator
400 Incorrect address parameter usage
401 Incorrect scts parameter usage
500 Incorrect scts parameter usage
501 Incorrect mode parameter usage
502 Incorrect parameter combination
CANCEL MESSAGE error codes
600 Incorrect scts parameter usage
601 Incorrect address parameter usage
602 Incorrect mode parameter usage
603 Incorrect parameter combination
SET error codes
800 Changing password failed
801 Changing password not allowed
GET error codes
900 Unsupported item requested
Status Code

Status Code (061) Status of the message delivery as defined in [CIMD] (7.2).

Value Description
0 No status available
1 In process
2 Validity period expired
3 Delivery failed
4 Delivery successful
5 No response
6 Last no response
7 Message cancelled
8 Message deleted
9 Message deleted by cancel
Status Error Code

Status Error Code values for SMS Centre connections as defined in [CIMD] (7.4.1).

Value Description
0 No error
1 Unknown subscriber
9 Illegal subscriber
11 Teleservice not provisioned
13 Call barred
15 CUG reject
19 No SMS support in MS
20 Error in MS
21 Facility not supported
22 Memory capacity exceeded
29 Absent subscriber
30 MS busy for MT SMS
36 Network/Protocol failure
44 Illegal equipment
60 No paging response
61 GMSC congestion
63 HLR timeout
64 MSC/SGSN_timeout
70 SMRSE/TCP error
72 MT congestion
75 GPRS suspended
80 No paging response via MSC
81 IMSI detached
82 Roaming restriction
83 Deregistered in HLR for GSM
84 Purged for GSM
85 No paging response via SGSN
86 GPRS detached
87 Deregistered in HLR for GPRS
88 The MS purged for GPRS
89 Unidentified subscriber via MSC
90 Unidentified subscriber via SGSN