Server Library

Library Overview

General information

SMSC server .NET for SMPP, UCP and CIMD/CIMD2 is a 100% managed .NET (DotNET, Microsoft AZURE Cloud), MONO (Linux, Windows) and COM (ActiveX/OCX) DLL component library for high performance messaging applications that can act as server accepting connections from multiple SMPP, UCP or CIMD2 protocol enabled clients. Components of the library deliver high performance and wide range of features in acting as an SMSC server, with simplicity and ease of use.

SMSC server .NET usage diagram

Library contains .NET managed 32/64 bit, invisible, toolbox-installable components implementing SMPP, UCP and CIMD2 protocols. The component allows rapid development of messaging server applications using simple programming interface and provides set of advanced parameters to access low level protocol features if there is a need to. Thanks to asynchronous mode and multithreading construction component guarantee very high performance.


Possible range of applications of the component is passive/active proxying (e.g. proxy can insert adverts or other information into passed messages for certain types of traffic), filtering, routing, billing or accounting systems etc.


Basic operations
Login as transceiver (submit & receive)
Login as transmitter (receive only) N/A N/A
Login as receiver (submit only) N/A N/A
Logout N/A N/A
Receive Message
Receive Data Message
Deliver Message
Deliver Status Report
Keep-Alive functionality
Send & Receive message in RAW format
Extended functionality
SSL/TLS connection security
Long (UDH concatenated) messages
Long (message_payload) messages N/A N/A
Long (SAR concatenated) messages N/A N/A
Alphanumeric signature
User Data Header (UDH)
Type-Length-Value fields (TLV) N/A N/A
USSD sessions N/A N/A
7-bit GSM 03.38 (with escape encoding)
16-bit UCS2 (Unicode)
Binary (8-bit encoded)
ISO 8859-1 (Western)
ISO 8859-2 (East European)
ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic)
HP Roman 8 (O2 UK specific) N/A N/A

Supported Protocols

  • SMPP versions 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0 (SMPP Developers Forum)
  • EMI-UCP (EUCP) revision 2, versions 4.0-4.6 and 5.0 (CMG Wireless Data Solutions)
  • CIMD2 version 8.0 (NOKIA)