Client Library

Code Examples

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Following section presents components' usage guide in programming environment.

Session Maintenance Source code examples of connecting and managing session with the SMSC.
Reconnecting Restoring connection between the library and the SMSC after it has been dropped is a quite simple but often considered not very intuitive task.
SSL/TLS Connection Security Information on how to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with the library.
Submit Message Source code example of submitting (sending) messages to the SMSC.
Receive Message Source code example of receiving messages from the SMSC.
Receive Status Report Source code example of receiving status report from the SMSC.
Long Messages Source code example of sending and receiving multipart (concatenated) messages.
Alphanumeric Signature Example of sending message with alphanumeric signature.
Silent Message (SMS0) Example of sending of a silent message (SMS0).
WAP Push Source code examples of sending WAP Push messages like Service Indication message.
Sending vCard Source code example of sending vCard (phonebook entry) message.
Sending Group Logo (CLI) Source code example of sending Group Logo (CLI) message.
Sending Ring Tone Source code example of sending a message containing Ring Tone definition.
Submit to Multiple Destinations Submitting the same messages to multiple destinations with single operation.
Delivery Time and Validity Period Reference on usage of Delivery Time and Validity Period parameters.
Tracking & Modification Reference on low level protocol message tracking and modification.
Throttling Explains connection throttling mechanism supported by the component.
USSD Operation Mode Explains basics of use of the SMPP library in USSD mode.
Extended Parameters Usage and reference of unified extended parameters supported by the library.
C++ Usage Example Microsoft Visual C++ COM component Deployment Guide.