New maintenance release of SMSC client/server .NET libraries

March 20 2015

Update of SMSC client/server .NET libraries

Major new features and changes

  • Two new source code examples for SMSC server .NET library to help quick start building Windows Service class application in C# or Visual Basic .NET.
  • USSD session support features - added encoding and decoding of ussd_service_op and its_session_info TLVs (optional parameters) in SMPP protocol.
  • Fixed problem importing TLB of the libraries compiled for CLR4 due to compiler generated code which created illegal type names.

Documentation updates

  • Added chapter about automatic connection restore (reconnecting) using client library with detailed source code example.
  • Added chapter about taking Wireshark trace of communication session.
  • New chapter explaining character sets used in mobile messaging standards.

And other minor tweaks and fixes.

Compatibility notice

Although this is a maintenance update it also brings some new features. Upgrade may require re-importing of the component to the development environment and recompilation of the code that uses the components.

Complete list of changes

Change Log of SMSC client .NET

Change Log of SMSC server .NET