New release of SMSC client/server .NET libraries

October 30 2014

New version of SMSC client/server .NET libraries

6th version of SMSC client .NET and SMSC server .NET libraries bring a lot of improvements in component functionality and stability plus online documentation.

Major new features and changes

  • Installation version now brings binaries for Common Language Runtime (CLR) versions 2.0 and 4.0. It allows to use the libraries natively with all existing .NET versions and all other .NET compatible environments like MONO in version both 2.x and 3.x in any supported os and architecture (Linux, Windows, OS X).
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013.
  • Documentation moved on-line which allows to keep it up-to-date and easily provide additional comments and explanations.
  • New long message encoding methodologies in SMPP protocol (SAR optional parameters and message_payload encoding).
  • Added path to modify every single bit of all messages passing through the connection (for example sequence_number modification).
  • Submit of a message to multiple destinations with single operation in SMPP protocol (submit_multi).

Plus huge amount of other tweaks and fixes.

Compatibility notice

As for every major version update this one is not intended to maintain full programming compatibility with previous versions so it cannot be simply used as replacement in a production environment.

Upgrade may call for re-importing of the component to the development environment, modifications and recompilation of the code that uses the components.


SMSC client .NET

SMSC server .NET