New version of SMSC client .NET components

May 15 2012

Version 5 of SMSC client .NET components

Release information

Version 5 of SMSC client .NET components for SMPP, UCP, CIMD/CIMD2 and SEMA protocols brings improvements in component functionality and stability plus better documentation.

Licensing scheme has changed

With the advent of version 5 of the components license codes have changed. License code from verison 4 will not work.

Please write a message quoting your original Customer ID and Serial Number to to obtain new serial number.

Summary of changes

Major changes are:

  • In SMPP protocol method and event pair to send and receive protocol level messages (PDUs). This allows to intercept 100% of the SMPP protocol communication both directions in any version of the protocol. In cooperation with SMSC server .NET component this allows to implement transparent proxies, message stream modification, protocol routing solutions etc.
  • Set of extended parameters added to extend functionality in SMPP, UCP and CIMD2 protocols.
  • Changes in the structure and content of the documentation intended to clarify, extend and put together source code examples.
  • Receive text messages delivered with data_sm PDU in SMPP protocol.
  • Message status query result in SMPP protocol returned asynchronously.
  • Simplified encoding for ASCII frontend setups in SMPP protocol.

Plus other minor tweaks and fixes.

Compatibility notice

As for every major version update is not intended to maintain full programming compatibility with previous versions so it cannot be simply used as replacement in a production environment.

Upgrade may call for re-importing of the component to the development environment, modifications and recompilation of the code that uses the components.

To verify the scope and details of the interface modifications please refer to the User Manual included in every copy of the installation package.

More information

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