Native .NET version of SMSC client components

December 6 2010

Managed .NET framework SMSC client components

Release information

Version 3 of our SMSC connectivity components is now available as .NET managed code 32/64 bit ready components. Library supports SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 and SEMA/OIS messaging protocols in most efficient modes capable of throughputs up to hundreds messages per second.

This release is a entirely rewritten code, summarizing few years of market existence and our vast experience with high performance messaging protocols.

Notice on upgrade

Current major version update is not intended to maintain full programming compatibility with previous versions. This may call for re-importing of the component to the development environment, slight modification and recompilation of the code that uses the components.

To verify the scope and details of the interface modifications please refer to the User Manual included in every version of the installation package.

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