Major update of SMSC client .NET components

June 21 2011

Version 4 of SMSC client .NET components

Release information

Version 4 of our high performance SMSC messaging components for SMPP, UCP, CIMD/CIMD2 and SEMA protocols introduces a number of improvements in component functionality, simplicity of use and additional source code examples.

Summary of changes

Following changes are included in this release:

  • COM interoperability interface which allows to use the components as ActiveX/OCX from every 32/64 bit compiler that supports COM.
  • Source code samples of COM interface usage in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Borland/Code Gear/Embarcadero Delphi (version 7+).
  • Message delete functionality in SMPP protocol.
  • Message status query result in SMPP protocol returned asynchronously.
  • Message status query for requesting message status is introduced in UCP protocol.
  • Mechanism for passing extended parameters to method calls which allows to use protocols' low level functionality. Now introduced for some operations in SMPP and UCP protocols but easily extensible to other functions and protocols if requested by users.
  • Helper component (SMSC encoder .NET) to encode WAP-Push Service Information (SI) and encode/decode of multi-part (concatenated) messages.
  • Source code skeleton of windows service SMPP messaging application in C# and Visual Basic .NET.
  • Registration of the components in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 Toolbox during setup procedure.

Plus other minor tweaks and fixes.

Notice on upgrade

Current major version update is not intended to maintain full programming compatibility with previous versions so it cannot be simply replacement of the component working in a production environment.

Upgrade may call for re-importing of the component to the development environment, modifications and recompilation of the code that uses the components.

To verify the scope and details of the interface modifications please refer to the User Manual included in every copy of the installation package.

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